Tomato Walnut Basil Pasta

Tuesday afternoon we had a showing for the house. I had a frittata planned but because of the viewing time, I couldn’t make it so we ended up ordering out. Last night we didn’t have any viewings (sigh of relief), and I made Tomato Walnut Basil pasta from Oh She Glows.

In hindsight I really should’ve made this pasta dish Tuesday night instead of last night. Seriously, it was stupid easy and quick to make. I could’ve sworn I blogged about this dish before, but I guess I haven’t.

The longest part of making this dish is chopping your onions. You sauté your onion and minced garlic, add in your oregano (I left this out), salt, pepper, crushed tomatoes (if you’re wearing a white shirt make sure to pour away from you), chopped basil, and nutritional yeast (nooch). If you’re a vegetarian, don’t like nooch, or can’t find nooch, you can always use parmesan cheese or simply leave it out. Although nooch makes me sick do to my yeast allergy, I still use it. I love it. It’s a great source for vitamin B12 and it lends that cheesy flavor to foods.


You stir everything together and add in your spinach. You can use fresh spinach if you wish, but because I’m a lazy S.O.B. I used frozen spinach. I thawed it out and squeezed all the water out. If you have picky little ones that don’t like spinach, here’s the key for this recipe. Chop up the spinach and then mix it in the sauce. Spinach is a great source of iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and a whole bunch of good-for-you nutrients.

You let all of this simmer while you get your pasta going. She says to add the walnuts in the sauce while it’s simmering, but I just threw a handful on top of mine at the end. The Hubs didn’t care for it and it would’ve been a bit difficult for the little one to chew them. I had two pots: one gluten-free and one regular.


Everyone in the house loved the dish. We had some leftover but we’re saving it for supper tomorrow night. We have another viewing around dinner time, so instead of cooking earlier or ordering out, we’ll just have this for supper. It was SUPER quick and easy to make and the vegetables are hidden for the picky eaters out there. I probably could’ve used kale and hidden it from the Hubs, but I didn’t. If you have a busy week night, this is a perfect dish for you to make!


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