Tofu Fish Pie

This weekend has been such a busy weekend! We spent all of it (and I mean all of it) decluttering, throwing out junk (we’ve saved all kinds of cards throughout the years), moving around furniture, and cleaning to prepare our house to put up on the market. You never realize how much junk you’ve collected and saved throughout the years until you have to get rid of it. We really did a purge and now there’s an echo in the house because we had to get rid of all things personal.

It was either Saturday or Sunday night when we had the tofu fish pie. I ran across this recipe on One Green Planet and thought, “hmmm, this sounds interesting.” I miss a good pie, but unfortunately I can’t have it because of the gluten and dairy. I jumped at the chance to make this one.

The recipe calls for oyster mushrooms. I’ve run across them in different recipes and, of course, have heard of them but I’ve never cooked with them. Why? Well, it’s because they were pretty much nonexistent in the grocery stores I went to. The only mushrooms I could find were white button mushrooms, shiitake, and portobello mushrooms. Thankfully I found what I needed.


When you hear oyster mushrooms being mentioned, you think “do they taste like oysters?” Some people think they do have a slight shellfish flavor, which makes sense why they were used in this “fish” pie recipe. Personally, I can’t comment because the mushrooms were mixed in with a bunch of other stuff. If I ever try them again, I will definitely report on whether or not I detect a shellfish flavor.

You start out by chopping your carrots, leek, onion, and garlic. You cook them until they’ve “wilted.” I’ve never run across that term when saying you need to sauté root vegetables. Maybe when you’re sautéing spinach or other leafy greens, you say wilted. But to each their own I guess. So anyways, you cook the veg until they’re soft enough.

This where you add the flavors that make it taste like a fish pie. The recipe calls for a gluten-free stock cube. I’ve never run across one but you might have them in your local grocery store. I almost added a cup of vegetable stock, because one cube makes a cup of stock. Then I thought, the cube isn’t liquid and she’s going for a more concentrated flavor. So, the closest thing I had to achieving the flavor she was going for was chicken rub.


I don’t know how long this has been sitting in the back of my spice cabinet, but I grabbed it. There’s a bunch of different spices and herbs in this and it smelled like the flavor she was going for. So, I threw in a BIG tablespoon of it in the pot.

The recipe calls for nori (which is a Japanese word for seaweed), but I didn’t have any. Well, I do but they’re salty. So, I didn’t use it and it turned out fine. If you want to use seaweed, then throw it in. Then throw everything else in and mix it all together.


Before you take it off the stove, taste it and make sure it’s seasoned well and tastes good. I let the Hubs and little one taste before I topped it with the mashed potatoes. Which, by the way, you mix in any cheese you like with the mashed potatoes. I used cheddar from Daiya. The Hubs hates their cheese, but the little one and I can’t have dairy, and he’s gonna eat what I cook.

So, when you’ve mixed your favorite cheese into the mashed potatoes, spread it on top of the pie filling. I used a rubber spatula to spread because it was easier. Let it bake for half an hour at 350 and bish-bash-bosh, you’re done!


This dish was the perfect for our busy weekend. It was good, it was filling, it was comforting, the Hubs went back for seconds, the little one couldn’t get enough, and it turned out better than I thought with the chicken rub.


As you may have noticed, I left out one key ingredient…tofu. I thought I had a block in the fridge but I must’ve used it for something else that I can’t remember. The tofu would’ve added some more protein and would’ve made it more filling, but it was already filling enough.

Where I live, fall is here. The leaves are red and yellow and most of them are already starting to fall off. So, this tofu fish pie was perfect! If you get a chance to make this dish please do! It’s not hard or time consuming at all!


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