I’m Back and with A Roasted Tomato Herb Quiche!

Well, did y’all miss me? I certainly miss you! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? It’s been about two months and A LOT has happened in that timeframe! I wasn’t even sure if I could remember the password to my blog! I don’t think I even cracked open the laptop. Well, that’s a lie. I did an update with Chrome and got fed up because it took two days to do. Then, I was doing some research for my Mom who is getting married in Charleston, S.C. next April!! Like I said A LOT has happened!

First, the in-laws from Scotland came for a visit, then the Hubs’ Uncle and Aunt from Toronto joined us for Father’s Day, then we had a week to ourselves after they all left, and then my Mom came with her finance.

I decided to cook a lot of vegan food for my mother-in-law. She has certain foods that don’t agree with her and I have foods that don’t agree with me, so it was a challenge but I did it. I dare say most of the stuff I made she liked! I was happy to cook for her and show her the different dishes you can make while eating a plant-based diet. I think my mother-in-law maintained her weight the three weeks while they were here.

My Mom, on the other hand, liked a few of the vegan dishes I made. Other than that, she cooked Korean food and didn’t think I was getting enough protein because I’m not eating meat. So, I had fish while she was here to keep her happy. If any of y’all out there have a VERY strong-willed Mother, you do what she says…even if you’re 35 years old.

After all of the visits, I’ve been trying to get my stomach back to normal. For the longest time I was snacking on tortilla chips and  other junk every night. Then I was getting to the point where I wasn’t feeling too great and had to do a detox. I’m finally back to normal and have lost the two pounds I gained while everyone was here. OH! I also found out that dried apricots DO NOT make my stomach happy. Holy that was an episode to endure and one I don’t care to experience again! I had dried apricots before and they didn’t agree with me then, but I wanted to make sure and I am now definitely sure.

So, it’s back to normal now. We’re all back to our old routines except I haven’t been running in two months. Our fridge has finally been cleaned of the last remnants of the visitors. Although, I do have a tiny bit of my Mom’s kimchi left. I need to ask her how she made it so I can make some myself.

Last night, we had a roasted tomato and herb quiche even though it was like 100 degrees out. I exaggerate. It was about 28C out, which is 82F. You folks back home in the South might chuckle, but that’s hot for Alberta standards. Besides, there’s no humidity for the heat to cut through so the sun feels hotter.

So, I made the quiche in a hot kitchen last night anyways. The recipe from One Green Planet (which is actually from Sprouts & Chocolate) was done in three steps. First you have to roast the tomatoes, second you bake the crust, and then you bake the quiche.

You slice some tomatoes and bake them at 400 for about 20 minutes. I used one tomato from my little tomato garden that the little one picked.


While those were roasting, you can go ahead and work on the crust. You put some oats, flax seed egg, walnuts (or pine nuts), and olive oil in a food processor and whiz it up. I actually had to add some water to make the mixture form a kind of dough. The recipe does say you might have to add some.


You pour the mixture into a pan of your choice and press it on the bottom and then up the sides. This part took me a while to do and I don’t think my crust was even on the bottom. But you know what? That’s ok. In my opinion, the uneven crust makes it genuinely homemade. You know? In the photo below, you can see it wasn’t even going up the sides either.


When you’re done, you poke a few holes in the bottom with a fork and then pop it in the oven for 14-16 minutes at 375. I think I let mine sit in there for the full 16 minutes.

While the crust is baking and your tomatoes are cooling, you get to work on the filling. Remember the last post I did about cleaning leeks? I gave some tips on how to clean a leek. I’m glad I found that information out because if I didn’t know, I would have totally missed all of the dirt from last night’s leek.


Once you’ve chopped up your clean leek, go ahead and mince the five garlic cloves and put it in a small dish. I suggest mincing the cloves ahead of time because once you start cooking your leek, you won’t have time to mince one clove after another and clean the garlic press after each clove. I learned that the hard way and had to take the pan off the eye so I wouldn’t burn anything. I also only used four cloves. I just couldn’t handle that much garlic.

Then you get your tofu. The recipe starts out by saying you should drain, slice, and press out the water from your tofu first. I didn’t do that but that doesn’t mean you have to do what I did. It just all depends on what you’re comfortable with. I sliced my tofu into four blocks and then pressed each block with a kitchen towel to get the water out. I wasn’t concerned with maintaining the shape because you’re just going to throw it in the food processor anyway.


After I pressed the water out, I crumbled the tofu into the food processor with lemon juice. The recipe calls for nutritional yeast but I didn’t use it because unfortunately I can’t have it (cue sad face).


To me, it’s just aesthetically pleasing to see tofu like this: right after going through a round with the food processor and it’s all completely smooth.

I scooped it all out and put it in a bowl, and then mixed in the basil, chives, salt, and pepper.


When everything is mixed together, scoop it into your crust and top it with the roasted tomatoes. Pop it in the oven at 375 for 35-40 minutes. I let mine bake for 35 minutes because I was cutting it close with time.


You’re supposed to top it with some basil, but I forgot and used all of the basil for the filling. That’s ok though. This quiche is really good. We all sat out on the deck and had supper last night. The little one loved his with ketchup, because he loves ketchup with everything. Then we all had some chocolate coconut ice cream from So Delicious! This was the perfect dinner to end a wonderful, hot, and sunny weekend. Y’all have to try it!


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