Oyster Mushroom Bisque

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for not posting over the weekend. I was busy trying to clean things up before the in-laws arrive on Thursday. I finally got to trim back my roses that are out front. I’m thinking about digging up two of them. They’re not doing too well and one of them had a whole bunch of worms on it!! I’m thinking about planting hygrangeas in their place, but I’m going to wait until my father-in-law arrives so he can help me.

One day towards the end of last week, we had oyster mushroom bisque from the My New Roots cookbook. But it wasn’t oyster mushrooms. I used cremini mushrooms because that’s all what my grocery store had. So, here is my adaptation.

This soup was easy and really quick to make. Bisque is often made with cream…that’s why the soup is creamy. In Sarah Britton’s version, she uses a vegan option to make the soup creamy. I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to get her cookbook and try it yourself.

One ingredient in this soup is thyme. Mushrooms and thyme are on my no-no list. I haven’t had a chance to try to reintroduce either yet so I thought, “I’m just going to do two at one time.”

I love thyme…the fresh stuff. I think the plant is just so delicate and pretty. It’s really pretty and dainty looking when it has those little bitty purple flowers.


Here’s a quote from the Flavor Thesaurus:

Common thyme is the type you brush past on the mountain trails and coastal paths of the Mediterranean; strong, with a sweet, herbaceous warmth that can tip into smokiness or a medicinal quality. For me, thyme is the essence of the word herbal–almost neutrally so–and forms the backbone of a bouquet garni or herbes de Provence. Its bittersweet, aromatic flavor flourishes in slow-cooked tomato sauces, braised meat dishes and bean stews. It also brings a tantalizing hint of lush pasture to dairy, and increasingly turns up in sweet dishes.

You chop up your mushrooms and cook it for a bit with some other vegetables and the thyme.


While those are cooking, you put some vegetable broth in a blender along with the “secret ingredient,” and blend. This forms the creamy part of the soup.


Once that is smooth and creamy to your liking, pour it into the pot with the vegetables. Let it cook for a bit and then add everything back in the blender. Then BLEND! After mine was blended, I poured it back into the pot to warm up a bit more. IMG_4668

Once you feel it’s warm enough, if you added it back to the pot, laddle some in a bowl and drizzle some olive oil on top with a bit of pepper.


OMG this soup was DIVINE! It was REALLY good and SUPER quick to make. The little one finished all of his and said “MORE!” So, he ended up having 1.5 bowls of this soup. I LOVED it!! However, I don’t know if it was the mushrooms or the thyme, but I ended up feeling sick later that evening followed by the obligatory headache that usually follows these sick episodes. Usually I’ll say no dish is worth feeling like this but this one I’ll say feeling sick was totally worth it.


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