Food Reintroduction: Week One

Well, where do I start off?

Last week was the first week I started to reintroduce foods that are on my no-no list. It was kind of difficult to be honest. I guess I just got so used to looking out for things I can’t have and eating a certain way that at first I didn’t know what to do. You know how you want something that you can’t have, and then when you can have it you don’t want it? That’s how it was with me.

For weeks I wanted to have cashew cheese, a dish that called for oregano or almonds, or even tofu. At times I started to feel down because I wanted to have those foods and I kept finding yummy recipes that called for foods that were on my no-no list and I couldn’t have them. Now that I can have them I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. I have to reintroduce foods three times a day. So, I just had to find recipes that would have just one thing on my no-no list. For instance, I’d have to find one recipe that would only call for oregano, another recipe that would call for parsley, and so on.

Last Sunday I had almonds. I just bought a handful from the bulk section in our grocery store and then ate some three times a day. Sunday was kind of a mess up day because I had almonds and some salt & pepper Kettle Chips for a snack. I don’t know if it was the chips or almonds that made me feel a bit spacey (the salt & pepper Kettle chips have yeast in them by the way). I tried them again later that evening and felt the same. I just wasn’t sure if it was the almonds or something else. So I tried again on Monday. Sure enough I started to feel a bit spacey 30 minutes to an hour after eating them. I didn’t have to eat them three times to tell me that I can’t have almonds anymore.

That night we had the chickpea tagine. It had parsley in it and that’s on my no-no list. The last time I had almonds that day was at 11:45am so the spacey feeling had subsided by the time late afternoon rolled around. After I had the tagine I felt funny. Actually, when I tasted the tagine for seasoning, while I was cooking it, I got a bit sick. Strange huh? All I can say is that the dish did have A LOT of parsley in it. I wanted to make sure it was definitely the parsley that was making me sick so I had the tagine for lunch the next day. One hour later I was feeling a bit spacey. So that’s it for my relationship with parsley. I won’t cry over you.

I bought a can of green beans and just sautéed them with some salt and pepper. I ate it three times on Wednesday and didn’t feel anything. So green beans get a check. Cashews also got a check. The Hubs was happy about that because he likes the cashew cheese I make. But the cashew cheese is made with nutritional yeast and yeast is a big no-no for me. Then again, nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast. So I just might have to do an experiment and see for myself. Cucumbers are also a go for me too. Hooray!

Last night’s dinner had some oregano in it. I felt slightly spacey so I had some leftovers for lunch today to make sure and it’s looking like oregano doesn’t agree with me all that much. And that, my friends, is really unfortunate. Sigh. Oregano is in A LOT of recipes and I’m not sure there’s a suitable substitute for it either. That also means I can’t have my herb de provence olive oil that I’ve been saving. I bought it before I had to eliminate everything and I saved it in hopes that I’d be able to have it again. Sigh.

So that’s six out of 35 foods that I’ve tested or reintroduced. I’m just hoping I’ll get through my list by the time the in-laws arrive next month! Today I’ll be testing blackberries. I have such a long, loving relationship with blackberries. We used to go pick blackberries in our neighborhood when we were little. Before the neighborhood expanded, we’d ride our bikes to the end of the pavement, where the neighborhood ended, and turn off into the woods along the railroad tracks. We’d walk along and there would be LOADS of blackberry bushes. All of us would be down there picking. I think I ate more than I put in my bucket. I remember having purple stained fingers quite a few times. I’ll be HIGHLY disappointed if I can’t have blackberries again. I think I might actually cry if that does happen.

I have some recipes picked out for the week that call for lima beans, lentils, and white potatoes. We also got a tub of raspberries so I can try those as well. I still have some tofu in the fridge that I need to cook up so I can see about soy. Soy is another food that I’ll cry over if I can’t have.

As much as I whine, I can honestly say that I’m more happy than upset. I’m SO glad that I finally know what’s wrong with me (the wheat), and I’m working on finding out what other foods don’t agree with me. It’s been a long process with eliminating everything and the reintroduction, but it’s been even longer living with the rashes and feeling sick and not know what was wrong.

With that said, I’m off to eat some blackberries and pray that the little one falls asleep. He’s been fighting his nap for almost an hour now. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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