Tortilla Soup

I’ll start off by saying that I owe you a several posts. Wednesday We had Summer Harvest Tortilla Soup from the Oh She Glows cookbook. I can’t remember what happened Wednesday to cause me not to post. I think I was just a bit lazy that day. Oh I remember! The Hubs was out of town that day and I think both the little and myself were in a mood.

But I do remember that Wednesday was a soup kind of day and I was glad I had this recipe picked out for that particular day. This recipe was simple to make. You throw a bunch of vegetables on a pot with some crushed tomatoes and vegetable broth along with some spices. Obviously I won’t go into detail because you’ll just have to go out and get the book.


I was scared that my Le Creuset wasn’t going to be able to hold everything and that I’d have to pour everything into another pot. But thankfully it all fit and I felt so much better. Did I ever tell you that I LOVE cooking with my Le Creuset pot?

Anyways, with the soup usually you let them simmer for quite a while but with this recipe you only let it simmer for a short while. Which was perfect because I had to deal with the little one on my own and he was getting hungry. I had more photos for this post but most of them were unusable because the little one decided to hug my legs right as I pushed down on the shutter button. Sigh. Oh well.

One of the toppings for this soup is toasted tortilla strips. Angela Liddon does go further with how to make them but I didn’t have the time. So, I opted to use corn chips and crushed them on top of the soup and sliced an avocado as well.


This soup was stupid easy to make. I made it on a Wednesday night when I had to handle the little one by myself. I managed to get supper done by 5. I didn’t add the corn chips to the little one’s soup, but I did add an avocado. There were 2 servings left and maybe 1.5 that I froze (to use for another day that it’s just the little one and myself). The Hubs and I had some for lunch the next day when he got home. This soup was perfect for the day we had, it was quick and easy, it was fast, and it was yummy. The little one ate all of his soup and didn’t have any room left to eat his strawberries. I’ll definitely be making this soup again.


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