Week Three Progress Report

Today officially starts week four. Week three started out great got sour towards the end but ended on a high note. I am glad to see week three behind me.

As you know I was craving sweet things so I baked a strawberry and rhubarb muffin and made some buckwheat cocoa puffs. I felt great because I got to have something sweet and I knew what ingredients were in them. Yay, right? Wrong. Every time I ate a muffin or puff, my stomach would get a bit bubbly and I was getting tired in the afternoons. Like REALLY tired. Sometimes I’d start yawning at around 11am and just want to go lay down. I even drank a second cup of coffee the other day and that didn’t help at all. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was being careful with what I was eating. I started to think my oats weren’t gluten free but the package says wheat free and oats are really gluten free. What was going on?

I eventually emailed my naturopath and said that (beware this is TMI) my stomach had been a bit bubbly lately and my stool was taking on a pale color. I wanted to know if this had something to do with the meds I was taking. He advised that I should take a HCL pill (the stomach acid pill that I eventually got off of). He said that sometimes the need goes up and down. Ok. He knows what he’s talking about so I followed his directions. I took one pill in the morning with breakfast but my bubbliness and extreme tiredness continued.

So what was wrong? I was googling the other day because I was starting to think I had Celiac Disease and it just hasn’t been diagnosed. Then I ran across a site for things that have hidden gluten. Baking powder was on the list. Baking powder has gluten you ask? I asked that same question. Wheat starch or other starches could be in the baking powder to stop it from caking. It’s the same with some spices like curry powder. Pure baking powder is ok but I got my baking powder from the bulk section and wasn’t sure if it was pure or not. It’s the same with baking soda. So I guess it was the baking powder and peanut butter I used in the treats. I used baking powder in the muffins and peanut butter in the cocoa puffs.

For the peanut butter, I checked the ingredients and “maltodextrin” was listed. It’s a sugar that’s plant derived but it can be made from wheat, potato, or rice starch. I always thought peanut butter was safe. I mean I love my Skippy! I guess it doesn’t help that there are bread crumbs in the jar either. Sigh.

The other day when I made blueberry pancakes for dinner, I had two pieces of bacon. I found a delicious gluten-free pancake recipe and was feeling good and thought: “I’ll have two pieces of bacon. It won’t hurt and I’ve done so good lately.” WRONG! About 1.5hrs later I was so nauseous. I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I made gluten-free pancakes so I know it wasn’t because of them. When I dug the bacon package out of the trash, I was “dextrose” listed as an ingredient. Again, it’s a sugar but it can be derived from wheat starch. I was sick for about hour or so and then a headache came and lasted all night. Two pieces of bacon knocked me on my butt all night.

I bought a bag of vegan coconut bacon too. I’ve run across it before in recipes and I was really curious about it. Coconut that tastes like bacon? After what happened when I ate real bacon, I wanted to give this a try. Surely the coconut bacon wouldn’t make me sick. It did make me sick! I had some sprinkled on my salad yesterday and about 30 minutes later my stomach was SUPER bubbly and generally wasn’t happy. All the ingredients were natural except for the liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is captured when the smoke is cooled down and turns to water. Then that water is captured and you have liquid smoke. Seems pretty straight forward. But I round out that barley and malt are often used to capture the smoke. It may be vegan but it wasn’t gluten free and I didn’t see it labeled on the bag. I just immediately assumed that it was safe for me to eat. So that was set back number 2, and I paid $8 for that bag too!

So, I was feeling a bit down last night but you know what? I’ve made it half way through. The Hubs was trying to encourage me and said that I’m finding yummy recipes, the little one is eating everything I’m making, I’ve lost some weight, and he’s lost weight as well. I guess it’s not too bad when you look at the grand scheme of things and things could be worse. I did end the week on a high note though. I made some garlicky kale white bean soup in my new Le Creuset pot. It was Bay Days at The Bay again (where every thing in the store is marked down) so I decided to spend some of my tax refund. I have been lusting over a Le Creuset pot for years! I got a cherry red pot and I am absolutely in love with it! I don’t have a place for it in the cabinets yet but it just looks pretty sitting on my stove all by itself.

I’ve rediscovered The G Free Diet book I had bought ages ago when I suspected something was wrong. I bought this book years ago! I was flipping through it last night and she points out foods that have hidden gluten that I totally forgot about. I now keep it on top of some of my other books so it doesn’t get hidden again.

This week I’m determined not to have a set back. I’m going to make some more vegetable broth and I’m going to look up how to make my own tomato sauce. I don’t trust pre-packaged stuff anymore. I have a few new recipes picked out this week. The Hubs will be out in Ontario and Nova Scotia until Thursday, so I’m going to save the more adventurous stuff for the little one and myself. He’ll like it. He ate kale last night!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great start to the work week.


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