Portobello Burger with Sun-Dried Tomato Kale Pesto

I apologize for not posting the last few days. Staying up late watching the northern lights, watching House of Cards, and staying out late Saturday with the girls took its toll on me. I can’t stay up later than 10pm nowadays!

Saturday we had Portobello burgers from the Oh She Glows cookbook. We love portobellos in this house. I wanted something easy to make since I was going out with the girls that night and something that was yummy.

In my portobello mushroom steak post, I show you how to clean your portobellos. After you clean them, you’ll pour the marinade on them and let them sit for 30 to 60 minutes.


However, me being me, I didn’t read the part about having to marinade the portobellos for that long. So, I just let them sit while I prepared the kale peso. Which, I think, ended up being about 15 minutes.

Making the kale pesto was pretty easy. You just throw everything into a food processor and let it go.


I’ll be honest. I wasn’t too sure about the pesto when I read that it consists of kale. Pesto is usually made with basil, but there are different varieties and versions of pesto out in the culinary world.

Once my pesto was done, I went to work using a grill pan (because it’s still too cold to grill) and cooked the portobellos. I had two normal sized portobellos and four mini ones. So I had to cook them in batches. When I was done cooking them, I put them back into the pan with the marinade in hopes that they soak up some more of the sauce.


There’s no risk of contamination with anything because you’re using all vegetables. That’s one of the beautiful things about vegan cooking. There’s no risk of salmonella or trichinosis. I love being able to lick the spoon when I bake something vegan too. I can do that without worrying because you don’t use raw eggs.

My portobello was a perfect fit for my gluten-free hamburger bun. Our burgers weren’t anything fancy. We didn’t use a tomato or lettuce or caramelized onions for extra toppings (which takes 30 minutes to make by the way). We just had the portobellos and the kale pesto.


Don’t laugh. It might look a bit sad but let me tell you. It was far from being sad. This dish was excellent! The sun-dried tomato kale pesto was surprisingly good. The Hubs didn’t know it was made of kale until I told him after he took a few bites. I’ve never had a portobello mushroom burger, but after trying this it will definitely be something we’ll be making a lot more. I might have to make the pesto another time as well. The sun-dried tomato kale pesto could actually be used for any sandwich or burger really. It was that good.

I hope you get the Oh She Glows because this is something you need to have in your vegan recipe arsenal. Tonight we’re having creamy avocado pasta, but with spaghetti squash instead of pasta.


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