Ten Minute Tomato Pasta

I’ll apologize now if this post is short and a little all over the place. I stayed up late last night watching the aurora borealis. Usually I can see a bit of them from my back deck. I’ve seen all the colors as well. But last night. HOLY! I’d say at around 11pm, there was this huge streak going across the sky and then it just exploded. They were so bright and alive. I’ve never seen them like that before. I got to watch them for a good hour last night, so I’m a bit tired today.

Yesterday the little one was running a bit of a fever. It was just a reaction to the vaccinations he received on Monday. So, the Hubs cooked dinner while I cuddled up with the little one on the couch. This recipe was perfect for yesterday as the Hubs and I were both tired and the little one was just feeling blah. The Ten Minute Tomato Pasta from the Deliciously Ella cookbook was good and quick.

The only chopping you do is slicing a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half.


While your pasta is cooking, you throw the cherry tomatoes and a bunch of other canned stuff (can’t give away trade secrets of the book) that you would have in your pantry into a pan to sauté.

The Hubs said the recipe was easy to make and it was quick. One change we made was instead of apple cider vinegar (because we ran out), we used balsamic vinegar. While trying to figure out what was a good apple cider vinegar substitute, Google came back with a lot of suggestions. I read that you can use lemon juice and even use any other vinegar. However, because I’m staying away from wheat, balsamic vinegar was a good choice. If you’re staying away from wheat for any reason, you’ll know vinegar is a hot topic. Balsamic, rice, and apple cider vinegars are your best bet and you should stay away from all others…ESPECIALLY malt vinegar.

Here’s the final product using regular pasta. It looks pretty and colorful doesn’t it?


As the Hubs and I were eating, we were talking about this dish and saying that it was different for a pasta dish not to have garlic or onions in it. With that said, I can understand why. The recipe has “ten minute” in its name for a reason. You don’t have to spend time dicing up an onion, wiping tears from your eyes because of the onion, and mincing a garlic. Plus this is meant to be thrown together really quick when you don’t feel like cooking. Hence the very first line in her introduction to the recipe:

This pasta is the best thing to make when you’re feeling lazy and have almost nothing in your fridge, as the only fresh ingredient you need are tomatoes.

Next time, if time allows, I think we’ll try adding garlic, an onion, and I’d love to have olives in it. The Hubs said pancetta would be better than olives, but that’s just because he doesn’t like them. Maybe I’ll add pancetta to a version for him and the little one.

In closing, I like the dish. It was quick, easy, yummy, and healthy. If you’re feeding this dish to your child, it’s a great way to incorporate spinach. The little one liked his supper even though he was feeling a bit under the weather.

Tonight I had a Tex Mex Casserole from Oh She Glows planned, but I think I’m going to have to give the little one a break from beans tonight. So, I’m not sure what we’ll have.


One thought on “Ten Minute Tomato Pasta

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