Vegan Bone Broth

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about bone broth and how good it is for you. I don’t know about you, but I was left wondering why all the sudden hype around bone broth and why would you drink it instead of coffee? Can you tell I love my coffee?

I was on the couch yesterday afternoon knitting, and Dr. Oz happened to come on and they were talking about bone broth. The woman who was on there, said she recommended replacing your morning coffee with bone broth, and have another cup in the afternoon. She went on to say that the collagen is good for you as well. I don’t know about you, but bone broth just sounds wrong to me. It’s being touted as a “miracle broth,” in my opinion. The believers say the collagen is good for your skin and fights wrinkles, and the nutrients in the broth “restores” you. There’s even an article in the Vancouver Sun saying

Bone broth yeasayers like Gwyneth Paltrow have been pushing it on her sermon on the mount, GOOP. L.A. Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant became a ‘walking’ ad for it when his sprained swelled to the size of a tennis ball in 2013. The director of nutrition immediately had him knocking back bone broth and he missed only two games instead of being out “indefinitely.” Bone broth is a big part of the Lakers’ team diet.
The Paleo diet folks love bone broth, too, as do the GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) backers who say there is a link between learning disabilities, diets and the health of digestive systems. Bone broth is a restorative for digestion and therefore, for immunity.

Thankfully, I found an article that’s a skeptic from NPR that’s pretty good. I think it’s safe to say that this is a fad in the non-vegan world, but I wonder for how long.

With that said, the Hubs texted me saying that he wasn’t feeling good. So, I started to look up recipes for soup. I didn’t have time to make him chicken and dumplings because it was late in the afternoon when I got his text and the little one was still sleeping. But, when I was checking my facebook feed, I found this recipe from One Green Planet. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was like fate when I saw this on my feed after getting the text from the Hubs and after that bone broth segment on Dr. Oz. So, as soon as the little one woke up, we went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients.

The good thing about this broth is that it only takes like 25 minutes to cook. I decided to make some rice to go along with it. Rice soaks up more of the broth instead of noodles. I always remembered that when my mom made us seaweed soup and put rice in it. Then I decided to add some chicken for the Hubs and little one. I used chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. Now, remember, the Hubs wasn’t feeling good and I made this for him to “restore” him.

You’ll chop up all of your vegetables and throw them in a pot along with 14 cups of water. Yes, 14 cups. I forgot to add garlic in mine. I found the garlic I pulled out to use sitting on the island after I had everything on the stove going. Sigh. I also didn’t use any corn. For the arame, I just used regular seaweed and tore it up in pieces. The grocery stores around me don’t sell arame.


By the time my rice was done cooking, the broth was ready to be strained. Because the vegetables were chopped small and the seaweed was in there, it took a bit to strain everything out.


When I strained all the vegetables that I could, I added salt to taste. Then I put some rice into bowls, and poured the broth on top. I sliced up the chicken thighs and put that on top as well.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of this recipe. I didn’t know how this broth would taste with some of the vegetables that were in the ingredient list like parsnips and zucchini, but it worked. The broth was surprisingly nice. The Hubs thought it turned out well, and that’s what my main goal was…to “restore” him and make him feel a bit better. We had a lot left over so I’m going to freeze them. Then all I’ll have to do is cook some pasta or rice to go along with it. I had some of the broth and rice for lunch today, but I threw in a bit of tamari for a little bit of flavor and that was pretty good too!

If you decide to make this vegan no-bone broth, go ahead and enjoy it and freeze your left overs to have on hand for when you’re not feeling well. I hope y’all enjoy it.

Tonight we’ll have what we were supposed to have last night.


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