Potato and Chive Soup

I’ve been craving a soup for the longest time but just couldn’t pull my finger out of my rear end and find a recipe. I found this Potato and Chive Soup recipe and thought it looked simple and yummy. The Hubs was out and I was coloring with the little one when 3:30 rolled around. I hadn’t read through the recipe to see how long it would take, but I knew that if potatoes were involved, it’s going to take a while.

So, I started at 3:30 and had supper done by a little after 5. BAM! The recipe calls for six potatoes, but I only used four and I used yukon gold potatoes. I like yukon golds but I HATE peeling them. In my opinion, the peel is thin and it kept getting clogged in my peeler. So, peeling the potatoes last night took way longer than I had anticipated.


Now chives are something that I don’t normally cook with. When you see it in the grocery store, it kind of looks like mini green onions/scallions/spring onions or even grass. You’ll see what I mean when see the photo below.


Even though chives look like onions they’re really not considered an onion. They’re a herb instead of a root vegetable. Although, chives do have a very mild onion flavor. Some might even say that chives have a hint of garlic as well. I don’t pick up on that, to be honest, but I do notice the mild onion flavor.

Once your potatoes are peeled, you’ll dice them. Then I worked on dicing an onion. I threw the onion into a pot that could hold all of the soup (this is a one-pot dish). Then you’ll throw in your diced potatoes, chives, and garlic.


Next, you’ll want to prepare some lovely dill.


If you love pickles, you’ll love dill. Dill helps to give pickles that pickly flavor. You use dill for fish dishes as well. I found this quote in my flavor thesaurus and thought it was funny.

Not a flavor, in other words, for a Sunday afternoon slumped in front of a boxed set. Dill is complex, demanding and opinionated. Think Velma in Scooby-Doo (basil is Daphne).

After you chop up some of the dill, you’ll throw it in the pot along with some vegetable stock, thyme, salt and pepper. Thyme is a lovely looking herb. I love the delicate looking little bitty purple flowers on the plant. But, here, you use dried thyme. Even though I love the fresh version, I don’t really like the look of the dried version. It reminds me of dirt and makes things look dirty, but the flavor is good.



After you mix all of the stuff, you bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for about 25 minutes. While it was simmering, I went back to coloring with the little one in his Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies coloring books.

When the 25 minutes are up, you’ll blend everything using your immersion blender. This is THE best blender to use for soups. Other than the food processor, this is one of the best kitchen tools we have bought. And I must admit, the Hubs is the one who wanted to buy it. I’ll give him a shout out here and credit for it.


The immersion blender blends without making such a huge mess, and if you’ve ever tried putting hot soup into a blender, you know the mess I’m talking about.

This is what the final dish looked like. I forgot to leave some chives out for a garnish but that’s ok.


One piece of advice I’ll give y’all: MIX AND TASTE! I threw in some salt, mixed it in, tasted it, and then thought that it needed some more. I did that a few times and the Hubs thought the soup was too salty. I thought I was mixing the salt in well enough before tasting but apparently not. I was tasting from the middle of the pot and I guess the salt ended up on the outside of the pot. Does that make sense? Next time I’ll be sure to mix it well before adding more salt.

My stomach isn’t too happy today. Last night I snacked on a handful of pumpkin seeds at around 8pm and about 1.5hrs later my stomach was NOT a happy camper. I stayed up most of the night last night because my stomach was hurting so much. My stomach wasn’t too happy this morning either! So, tonight we’re having General Tso’s Tofu. It’s an easy and simple dish but most importantly it’ll be easy on my stomach.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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