Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Let me start off by giving one piece of advice. If you’re going to make this vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe, make sure you have all of your ingredients ready to go. I’ve made this dish once before and got a bit stressed out because you can’t really leave the pan alone for a second. This time I made sure to have everything ready.

There are several different versions of stroganoff out there. Before I became a vegan, the ones I’ve used called for Worcestershire sauce. Worcestershire sauce is made with anchovies. So if you’re a true vegan, or trying to be a good vegan, you don’t want to consume fish. If you’ve ever tried to make a pad thai and googled fish sauce substitute, that’s why the results come up with Worcestershire sauce. The ingredients for this vegan stroganoff somehow gives off a slight Worcestershire taste even though there’s none of it in there.

Here the ingredients I used for the sauce. The recipe says “beef or vegetable broth,” and I find that funny because it’s supposed to be a vegan recipe.


I chopped up the onion and put that aside, and then I worked on other parts of the sauce. You’ll have to mix in the broth, soy sauce, tomato paste, and lemon juice while you’re cooking the onions and the flour. This is why I got all of my stuff ready before hand because if you’re not careful you can burn the flour in the pan.


Then you’ll need to add your mushrooms, sage, thyme, and salt. The last time I made this dish, I got whole mushrooms and then sliced them. You can buy sliced mushrooms, too, if you’d like. However, this time I got a wild hair up my rear end and decided to quarter them. Then I through in the sage, thyme, and salt. That way all I had to do was dump the plate into the pan.


With this dish, as in the past, I cooked three different pastas. We were supposed to try spaghetti squash but the Hubs had a spin class at 7, so we decided to go with pasta because it’s quicker. I had my quinoa pasta on hand, so I was ok. I cooked enough pasta so everyone would have some for lunch the next day.


So, here comes the part where you have to stay by your pan. You cook your onion and then you add the flour and mix. You can’t leave your pan at this point. Then you’ll add the broth mix, and wait for it to thicken a bit. Then add the mushrooms and spices. After that you can relax and leave your pan to go pee if you have to.



And now this is my favorite part. This is the part where you add vegan sour cream. The sauce just takes on another life once you add it.


This is when I was able to cook all three different pastas: fusilli for the Hubs, penne for the little one, and quinoa pasta for myself. The recipe says to mix your cooked pasta in with the sauce, but for obvious reasons I didn’t do that. I just spooned the sauce on top of the pasta in each plate. Below is the little one’s supper. He loves this dish.


I did get a little sick last night, but only for a short while. I suspect it’s because I let the little one eat off of my fork while he was eating his pasta. I had some for lunch today and didn’t get sick, so I think it was the little one’s fault. Or my fault for letting him eat off my fork.

Tonight we’re having lemon risotto. It’s been SUCH a long time since we’ve had risotto and there’s only a few vegan versions that I like. The Hubs will be cooking tonight too. It’s been a bit of a rough start to today so I need a little break.


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