Pasta Night

Last night I made pasta with pesto, potatoes, and green beans. I wanted to make homemade pesto but not a single grocery store had fresh basil. No one had it in a pot or the little plastic box, so I resorted to buying a jar of it.

I don’t remember what I was doing but I was a bit late in getting dinner started. So, I popped the potatoes in the microwave to cook. I’ve never cooked potatoes in the microwave before, but after last night I’ll be sure to do it more often! It’s WAY quicker than cooking them on the stove top. Most microwaves have a potato setting, so check to see if yours does. It’s usually just on in the inside of the door. I discovered that ours did, and the Hubs never knew.


I used fusilli for the Hubs and little one and I had some brown rice pasta. It was leftover from another dish I made a while ago.


Because I got store-bought pesto, that meant I couldn’t have any because regular pesto has parmesan cheese in it. Because of that, I had a bunch of spinach I needed to use up before it went bad. The spinach was for the homemade pesto, but since I got a jar I found this little recipe for spinach pesto.


The recipe called for almonds, but I just threw out a bunch of almonds the other day. I was doing a big purge of my pantry and threw out a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know how long they’d been there. I didn’t even have pine nuts because I threw those out too. All I had were walnuts. So, that’s what I used, and this HUGE garlic clove.


The pasta recipe called for fresh green beans, but I only had canned green beans on hand. Canned green beans are fine and less work when you’re in a pinch for time. You don’t have to snap/cut the ends off nor do you have to snap them in half. Using canned green beans is just so much easier. You can also use frozen ones if you want too.

The spinach pesto will be super bright green…if you ever make it. It’s kind of shocking at first but the mild taste will make you forget about it. With my spinach pesto, I could taste a little bit of the walnuts but it wasn’t overpowering. I’d definitely make this again. Below is a photo of what my dish looked like with the spinach pesto.


I told you it was bright green. Now, here’s a photo of the dish for the Hubs and little one. There’s quite a difference between the two huh?


As you can see with their dish, I apparently haven’t grasped the concept of portion control. I made just a bit too much pasta for them. So, that’s what they will be having for supper tonight (tomorrow is another no post day). Surprisingly, I have a little leftover too.

The Hubs and little one loved this dish. The little one actually leaned forward with his mouth open a few times when we were too slow to feed him. I will point out that this dish is a bit garlicky. Every time I burped last night, I tasted garlic. So, if you make this dish and you don’t like too much garlic, take out a few cloves. It is a bit much when you have a few cloves with the green beans and then there’s garlic in the pesto. If you use jarred pesto, taste it to see how garlicky it is before you start to cook your garlic.

Tonight is leftovers and Friday is Brinner (breakfast for dinner). On that note, happy Thursday everyone!


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