It’s Pumpkin Day

Yesterday I made gluten-free vegan pumpkin muffins and we had pumpkin maple baked bean cornbread casserole. I didn’t mean to have pumpkin theme, but it just happened. I’ve just been wanting to make some muffins for a while now and found a pretty good recipe from the 22 Days Nutrition.

A note about the 22 day vegan diet: Beyonce and Jay-Z did this diet and lost weight. I was trying to lose the baby weight I still had. I gained 50lbs when I was pregnant with the little one. The day before he was born, I was 199lbs. I was running every other day but just couldn’t shed the weight. I gave the dinner recipes a try, and I lost a good 8lbs. I was still running every other day while doing it. This diet made me realize I was eating a lot of processed foods. I was eating sandwiches for lunch with vegan cheese and vegan deli meat. I was also making dinners that consisted of lots of pasta and using vegan ground beef. I’ve tried to stick with the concept of eating more whole foods and cut out a lot of processed stuff.

However, with the muffin recipe, I ended up adding a lot more maple syrup and then agave when I ran out of maple syrup. It just wasn’t sweet enough for me. But the muffins are good. There’s one missing because the Hubs had one as soon as he got home from work.


But back to the baked beans. When I first started out being vegan and was looking for good recipes, I found Oh She Glows. She has great recipes that the Hubs and little one like. And the most important thing is that when I make one of her recipes, it looks just like the pictures she posts! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get frustrated and feel a bit let down after making something and having what I made not look like the picture in the recipe. That’s not the case with hers. I love it!

The Pumpkin Maple Baked Bean Cornbread Casserole just sounds like comfort food doesn’t it? It was perfect for the cold evening we had. It was even good as lunch the next day! My only thing is that it’s a bit sweet. Maybe it’s because in the South cornbread is not sweet. Southern cornbread is buttery and just oh so good. With that said, this recipe is still really good.

While I was putting all the ingredients together, something in the back of my mind was telling me “hey, these are ingredients for a BBQ sauce.”


The photo above is before I added the navy beans. I actually almost forgot to add them in!! I didn’t add three cans like the recipe said to do. I thought three cans would be a bit much, so I only added two and it turned out ok. The photo below is with everything mixed in…including the cranberries. I ran out of maple syrup because I used it all with the pumpkin muffins. So, I used agave syrup for the beans.


The cornbread topping calls for cane sugar. I thought that the beans were sweet enough so I opted to use coconut sugar. I find that coconut sugar isn’t as sweet as the other sugar substitutes. But that’s just my two cents.


This is what the baked beans looks like before it went into the oven.


And this is after it came out of the oven, which looks like the photos on Oh She Glows!!!


She said to serve the dish with some butter. So, that’s exactly what I did. (I found a HUGE tub of Earth Balance from Planet Organic.)


This recipe was definitely a hit with everyone. I think I’m going to try to make a Southern cornbread as the topping to cut down on the sweetness next time. I might add some bacon in a version for the Hubs and little one and leave in the cranberries for myself.

Tonight I have pasta with pesto, potatoes, and green beans planned. But I can’t find fresh basil anywhere. So, we’ll see what happens tonight.


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