Asian Noodle Bowl

Last night I made a stupidly easy dinner. This is something I can make on bath nights when the Hubs is out of town. By the way, the Hubs did make it home to some rice krispy treats. We saved him just a few.

I’ve only recently discovered the Minimalist Baker. I think I was looking for a recipe on Pintrest and ran across the site there. I’ve tried a few of the recipes and loved them. The Asian Noodle Bowl with Ginger Peanut Dressing, however, didn’t quite fit with me and the little one. You don’t cook anything except for the rice noodles, which only takes about five minutes anyway.

The recipe called for brown sugar, but when I pulled mine out they decided to form into rocks. So, I ended up using agave syrup instead.


My local grocery store didn’t have my Kikkoman gluten-free soy sauce. So, I found this instead. It’s not Kikkoman, but it’s alright. It’ll do if my Kikkoman is out.


If a recipe calls for a little bit of ginger, like this one and a lot of recipes out there, I’ve discovered a trick with peeling the ginger. You take a spoon and scrape the sides.


I forget where I first heard about this trick, but I’ve used it ever since and it’s really good and easy. The recipe says minced or grated ginger. So, I decided to put my piece of ginger in the garlic press. It made sense in my head but it didn’t really work out too well in reality. A little bit of ginger came out and a lot remained in the press and got stuck in all the little bitty holes. Ugh. If y’all try this recipe, I’d recommend grating it. You’ll probably have better success that I did.

The sauce was good. I let the little one taste it when he came in the kitchen to see what I was doing. Then he wanted more! The recipe says to add a splash of hot water if the sauce is too thick. I ended up having to add a bit. Here’s the before adding hot water photo.


And here’s the sauce after adding some hot water.


After doing the sauce, I worked on the tofu, green onions, and carrot. I hate cutting carrots into matchsticks. Just about every Asian recipe I’ve come across requires you to cut carrots into matchsticks. I just have no patience sometimes. Cutting the carrots into teeny tiny matchsticks just takes a lot of time, and sometimes the carrot slides and scares the living daylights out of me and then I have to inspect my fingers to make sure everything is still there. But I got everything chopped. The color of the carrots does make it looks pretty.


When you’re done doing that, you just mix the veg and tofu together. I put some of the rice noodles in a bowl, put the tofu and veg on top, and then poured the peanut ginger dressing on top.


That’s a shot of the little one’s bowl. I had to cut the noodles with scissors so he’d be able to eat them. He wasn’t a fan of this dish when it was put together. It was a bit different for me as well. It’s because the tofu wasn’t cooked in my opinion. This dish did, however, keep me full all night long. If I make this dish again, it’s going to be just for me and I’ll cook the tofu.

Happy Saturday!


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