Vegan Rice Krispy Treats

Yesterday was a snow day for Edmonton. I’m not sure how much snow we got, but we got quite a bit. It was horizontal snow for a while there. I shoveled the front sidewalk yesterday afternoon thinking that I would be making less work for the evening or even the next day, and I did the same for the back so our dog could go out without disappearing. I was totally delusional. Within an hour, it looked like I hadn’t done a thing. So I just gave up. My lovely neighbor got out and shoveled the front last night. I was just gonna do it this morning but he beat me to it. Below is what our deck looked like this morning. Sigh.


So, instead of being down about the snow last night, I decided to try the rice krispy treats again. The vegan recipe I tried earlier didn’t work out, so I used an original recipe. I used the first one. I figured I could veganize the recipe, and I LOVE the original recipe. It just takes me back to being a kid and having that crispy, gooy, marshmallowy goodness. Plus, I loved having rice krispy cereal as a kid and hearing the “snap, crackle, and pop.” However, me being a good vegan, I don’t use anything with gelatin in it.

Gelatin is derived from the bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, and other connective tissues from animals. I don’t know about you, but that just sounds gross to me. Gelatin is used in LOTS of stuff including marshmallows, jelly (what we Southerners call jam), cosmetics, and a host of other products.

So, with that in mind, I used a vegan marshmallow. In my opinion there’s no difference between this vegan marshmallow and a regular marshmallow.


When I tried to melt these along with the butter, it seemed like it took forever to melt. Maybe regular marshmallows melt easier than vegan ones? I was actually kind of getting worried because I had it in my mind that they would melt faster.


I’m stirring and stirring and mashing them to get them to melt faster. At least in my mind it made sense to smash them. I turned the heat up a bit and FINALLY they started to melt and form a gooy mess.


Then I had to add it to my six cups of rice krispies. I forgot to mention that I’m using a gluten-free brand called Nature’s Path. So, I added this gooy mass to my rice krispies and had to mix mix mix. I had six cups of cereal in my bowl and this gooy mass didn’t seem to be mixing all that well. I don’t know how long I was mixing, I finally got it all to mix. That’s about the time the little one decided to come in the kitchen and demand to know what I was doing. So, I let him taste some before I put it in the pan.


This time I made sure to press them into the pan pretty good. I knew the marshmallows would hold them together, but I wanted to make double sure that nothing would fall apart.


Don’t you just love seeing that gooy goodness? This time the treats came out perfect. Me and the little one were snacking on these all afternoon, and I even had some for breakfast. The Hubs comes home from Ontario this evening and I’m not sure he’s going to have any to sample!

The Asian noodle bowl I was supposed to make last night didn’t happen. I just wasn’t all that hungry so I just made the little one his dinner. But, I’m gonna have to make this tonight. So be expecting to see that post tomorrow.

Happy Friday everyone!!


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