Fried Rice

Yesterday we had a break in the weather here in Edmonton. It actually got up to -2C and it was sunny. So, after the little one’s nap, I bundled him and the dog up and we went for a walk. Well, I pulled the little one on a sled while I walked and the dog got to go everywhere. There’s a bit of land near us in the neighborhood that hasn’t been built up yet. There were truck tracks, so I just walked in those tracks while pulling the little one. I’m so glad we got to take advantage of the break because it’s ugly out today. Although, I did manage to make it out to my local Planet Organic to get some vegan marshmallows this morning.

Yesterday morning I made some vegan rice krispy treats. I found this recipe from The Detoxinista, but I didn’t use brown rice syrup. So, I found this as a substitute guide. I made 3/4 cup using the maple syrup and water and then just used the 2/3 that I needed for the treats. Maybe that’s where I went wrong or I didn’t press the cereal in hard enough into the pan, but when I took the pan out, ready to cut into it, it kind of fell apart. Whether or not it fell apart didn’t matter. I still ate it and so did the little one.


I had some for breakfast (yeah, I know. Really healthy, huh?), and it filled me up. Maybe late today (if I can drag myself from the couch) I’ll try to make the rice krispy treats again. This time I’ll use the traditional recipe but I have vegan marshmallows and my Earth Balance butter.

For supper, I made fried rice. Remember when I made the Mongolian Beef? Well, I doubled up the recipe for the sauce and I had some of it left over. I had some green peas (the little one loves them), the sauce, I found some tofu, eggs (for the little one), and that’s about it. My cupboards are starting to get bare because it’s getting towards the end of the week. This is what I started out with. You can see the little one’s mittens in the background drying out.


The tofu was leftover from Italian Sausage Frittata when I used the tofu as a ricotta. I only used half a block for that recipe and I saved the other half. I didn’t have the fried rice in mind for it, but it was great that I found it in the fridge.

When making fried rice, you usually use some sesame oil. For me, maybe because I’m doing something wrong, the oil doesn’t really help with getting rice to not stick to the pan. It’s just for flavor. So, I used a little bit in the pan for the rice.


This is the sesame oil I usually use. I think this is the bottle that I had when my mom came to visit last August! Sometimes I don’t even use sesame oil when I do fried rice. I guess it just depends on what mood I’m in, but more importantly if I can remember that I have it!

This is how the rice looked after I added the peas and the leftover Mongolian sauce.


It looks a bit watery, but after cooking for a bit (you’ll see in the next photos) the sauce will thicken or sticky up. And yes, my stove is a bit messy.

I put some of the rice in a small pan for the little one and cracked an egg in his. You’ll make a well in the rice and then crack your egg in.


As soon as you crack your egg, you’re gonna start stirring quickly because you don’t want the egg to cook to the bottom of the pan. Also, you’ll want the egg to coat the rice. I just crumbled the tofu into my rice and then just stirred to mix it all in.

Here’s a shot of both finished dishes.


The little one’s Mongolian egg fried rice.


My Mongolian tofu fried rice.

Both dishes were fairly easy to make. If I didn’t have the leftover sauce, I’d use soy sauce. I don’t measure how much sauce I use, I do it to taste. Remember, cooking is all about experimentation. You’re not going to get it right the first time all the time. If you’re lucky you might get it right the first time. You have to keep at it. Your momma probably didn’t end up being a great cook the first time. I know it took my mom lots of practice by the time I came along. ;o)

Tonight I have an Asian noodle bowl with ginger peanut sauce planned. If I end up making those rice krispy treats and not knitting, I’ll talk about that tomorrow too.

Have a good Thursday!


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