Italian Sausage Frittata

I found an Italian Sausage Frittata recipe from Wheat Belly, and both the Hubs and little one love it. The last time I made it, it was the night before the Hubs had to go to Ontario for work and he had some of the leftover for breakfast, and that kept him satisfied until he got to Ontario. Because who really likes airport food? Especially if you have a food sensitivity, it’ll be really hard to find airport food that you can eat and trust that there’s no cross contamination. Many people have been successful at it though. I guess I don’t fly enough to try this first-hand.

So, last night I made the frittata. It’s kind of hard cooking with a toddler by yourself because the little one wants to come into the kitchen like every two seconds to see what you’re doing. So, to make things easy on myself, I decided to chop up all the stuff that needed to be chopped up first. Then I could just assemble or add as I go.

I chopped up the onion, mushrooms and spinach. The recipe asks for portobello mushrooms but I didn’t like the quality of the portobellos at the grocery store. So, I just got regular mushrooms.




The Wheat Belly recipe calls for ricotta cheese, but since I can’t have dairy I had to find an alternative. I used cashew cheese the last time I made this dish, but I didn’t have any cashews and I didn’t want to use the food processor by myself (it freaks the little one out). So, I found this recipe that uses tofu. I already had the ingredients so that was an added bonus.

This is the tofu that I usually use. I find the texture is just right and it’s easy to squeeze the water out.


I only used half of the tofu and then crumbled it into a bowl and added all of the herbs. I just mashed them all together with a fork to mix them.


After I mixed the tofu, I whisked the eight eggs. The little one ALWAYS wants to see what I’m mixing when he hears it, so I had to put the bowl of eggs on the floor and whisk so he could see. Once he got to see and was satisfied with what I was doing, he ran off to play.

Cooking the dish was easy. You just cook the sausage with the onions and then add the mushrooms and spinach. I apologize for the blurriness of the photos. It was hard to take photos while the little one decided to hold on to my legs.



Once the sausage is done, you just mix the eggs in and pop it in the oven. The Wheat Belly recipe assumes you have an oven-safe pan. But I’m a little paranoid about ours (even though it is oven safe), so I used a pie dish.


It bakes for 20 minutes but, again, me being a little paranoid I let mine bake for 30 minutes. I wanted to make sure the eggs were fully cooked before I fed any of it to the little one. Thankfully, everything came out just fine.


Again, I’m sorry for the blurriness of the photo. At this point the little one kept running into the kitchen and hollering at me because he was hungry.

Tonight, I’m doing leftover veggie burgers that I froze several weeks ago. It’s bath night and I need to cook something quick. So, tomorrow might be a day off from posting. However, I have fried rice planned for Wednesday night. I decided to pick an easy dish that I can do fairly quick. Fried rice is one dish where I don’t need to follow a recipe. Once you’re confident at it, you can do it with no recipe and add whatever you want to it.

So, I’ll end here and say happy Tuesday!


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