Sweet Potato Noodles

I’ve decided to post blogs during the afternoons while the little one is sleeping. That way, I’d be able to spend some time with the Hubs during the evenings. Besides, there’s just something about working on the computer during the day. It makes me feel productive somehow.

Anyways, I found this recipe quinoa sweet potato noodle bolognese with toasted crushed almonds from Inspiralized. I went out and bought a sprializer just for this recipe. I don’t know about you folks out there, but it’s a pain using the spiralizer. I bought this one: Spirooli. It doesn’t stay stuck to the surface all that well even though there are suction cups on each of the four posts. The crank isn’t all that good to use. Maybe I’m expecting it to do more, but I wasn’t expecting to push the vegetable into the blade and crank at the same time. It’s REALLY HARD to do! You kind of have to push and then turn the crank with your hand. It might be easier to use with a softer vegetable like a zucchini, but I haven’t tried it with one yet. I will tell you though, if you’re going to use a recipe with a sweet potato, you better allow yourself some time in order to get your dinner prepared on time.

This is how our sweet potato noodles came out of the spiralizer. Another thing is that the sweet potato kept clogging where it’s supposed to come out. Other than that, it does the job.


I let the Hubs cook the dinner this time so he could experience using the spiralizer. I think he had the same complaints I did when I first used it.

All complaining aside, the dish was good. The little one loves it (when he’s not sick), it’s healthy, and it’s a fabulous way to substitute pasta. This is how the dish ended up looking. I didn’t have any almonds, so there’s none garnishing the dish. And my image is a bit blurry.


There’s just the right amount of sweet from the sweet potato noodles, but I added a bit more salt (I LOVE salt). The tomatoes add just right amount of acidity and you get a little teeny tiny bit of crunch from the quinoa. I think this dish gets an all around thumbs up from everyone in this house.

Tonight’s dish is going to be chicken and dumplings. The little one is a bit under the weather. My challenge with this dish is trying to make regular dumplings for the Hubs and the little one and making gluten-free dumplings for myself. This challenge should be interesting.


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