Garlic Pasta

Garlic Pasta

I wasn’t too good with my food today. I did have my customary vanilla chia pudding for breakfast. I managed to go out to Target and get a few things all by 11 a.m. again! Me and the little one were home by 11:30 a.m. after our trip to Target and to the grocery store. I wanted to pick up some oranges because the little one LOVES freshly squeezed orange juice.

When we got back, I made the little one a ham, cheese, and mayo sandwich. Now, anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE mayonnaise. Growing up in the South, mayo is practically its own food group! Feeding the little one sandwiches with mayo just makes me want to have one.

Side Note:

I’ve decided to cut out wheat from my diet. A few weeks ago, I was getting really sick after eating wheat (or at least that’s what we can figure what it is because I don’t eat dairy). So, I decided to cut out wheat as an experiment…not gluten, just wheat. So far, I haven’t gotten sick (I mean like feeling like I’m going to vomit right after eating). 

So, I made myself a chicken, cheddar, and mayo sandwich (the mayo was veganaise). I did use Udi’s wheat-free and gluten-free baguette and Daiya’s cheddar. I bought the chicken for the little one’s lunches. I feel guilty for raiding his supply, I feel guilty for eating meat, I feel guilty for eating chicken, and I feel guilty for not sticking with my vegan principles. The whole time I was eating the baguette, I could just picture in my mind a bunch of chickens crowded together in a dark “barn” in one of those factory farms.

For supper I made Vegan Garlic Pasta from Minimalist Baker. The few changes I made was I didn’t use Almond Breeze. It has carrageenan in it. It’s used to thicken the almond milk but it’s also a carcinogen when metabolized by your body. Check out Food Babe. She’s got LOADS of information about it. I found a VERY similar product with Silk that doesn’t have carrageenan in it. So, I used that instead. Another change I made was not to use too much garlic. The last time we made this dish, every time I burped it tasted like garlic. So, I only added a few cloves (partially because I’m running out of garlic cloves). The last change I made was to use gluten-free all-purpose flour. Other than those three changes, the dish came out great! The Hubs went back for seconds and the little one ate it, so I call that a success.


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